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Merry Herbal Tea is a popular tea with immune boosting antioxidant and anticancer alkaloid. The blended tea has been known to reduce and control Cholesterol, blood sugar and high blood pressure.

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The farm we operate proves our relationship with organics, as we all know that the root is the foundation of any organic and it should be very healthy.Merry Herbal Tea has been found to be one
of the rare organic tea that has been combating and destroying sicknessess.Yes its “ORGANIC” even our preservatives are

Merry Herbal Tea is made from the smoothest blend of mulberry leafs,lemon
grass,cocoa buds and other nutritional herbs that adds more nutrient to the body

To create a sustainable healthy lifestyle with tea before 2035

Since 1994

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ooooolala...this tea is a Doctor
SERIAL enterpreneur
Grab your cup of merry + and continue sipping with me because im just feeling myself.I dont know where my strenght came from..merry+
Great stuffs in Nigeria.This tea is wonderful
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